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How to make gale fix the pedestals in prodigy

In the online math learning game “Prodigy,” Gale is an NPC (non-player character) who helps players in various ways. However, fixing pedestals in Prodigy generally isn’t a part of the game’s mechanics or quests. Pedestals are typically used for displaying pets or other items collected in the game and do not require fixing.

If you encounter any issues or glitches in the game that seem related to pedestals or any other aspect, the best course of action is to contact Prodigy’s support team or check their official website for troubleshooting guides and updates. They can provide assistance and guidance on resolving any technical or gameplay-related issues you may be experiencing.

Remember that the game’s mechanics and features may change over time, so it’s essential to refer to the most recent in-game instructions and resources provided by the Prodigy team for the most accurate information.


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