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How to Prevent Pests from Infiltrating Your Home in the Fall

A lot of changes happen in the fall. Old leaves fall from trees. You change your shirts to sweaters. As with many things, pest prevention may also change in the fall. Although some pests are highly seasonal, others just change their habits to enter your house and look for shelter. This applies to rodents, which tend to set up shop in the attic and build nests there when it gets cold outside. However, this can also be true for spiders. Thankfully, you can minimize the population of pests taking up residence in your house in the fall by working with experts. Check out to get helpful information about pest control in the fall. Also, the steps below can help reduce your risk of finding pests inside your house when fall comes:

Seal doors and Windows

Ensure the basement sashes and windows are properly cleaned. Then, seal them with weatherstripping while it’s yet too cold outside. This helps prevent pest entry and locks in temperatures, increasing your home’s overall comfort and boosting energy efficiency. 

Check Below the Siding

Rats and mice can enter your house through the siding’s underside. So, inspect this part of your home to ensure it is properly maintained. If you notice a gap, seal it right away. 

Address Moisture Issues

Attics, basements, and crawl spaces can be your home’s darker and dampest areas. However, pests are drawn to moisture in these areas. Inspect for leaks and water damage in these areas and repair issues right away to keep moisture out. Also, you can control the humidity level with a dehumidifier. In addition, ensure the gutters are not clogged to prevent water backup near the roofline. 

Seal Cracks and Crevices

Inspect your home’s exterior for cracks in the walls or foundation. Also, check for crevices that lead to underneath or inside. Such openings allow pests to sneak in without being noticed. So, seal them up to prevent those unwanted guests. 

Clean Up Your Kitchen

Open food containers and crumbs left out on the countertops are a feast for pests. Also, water and food left in pet bowls offer endless nourishment for different creepy crawlies. To make your home less attractive to fall pests, keep your kitchen clean and store food properly. 

Reduce Clutter

Generally, it is a good thing to declutter your house; however, this is especially applicable if you want to prevent pests from invading your home in the fall. Those items left lying on the floor can collect moisture that attracts pests. Also, cramped areas like the cabinet under the sink must be decluttered and stored efficiently. Rodents will travel through these areas. 

Hide Excess Food

All types of pests love food. Roaches and ants are drawn to messes. That is why you must not leave any food items anywhere in your house. Store leftovers in sealed containers to keep them fresh and minimize the presence of pests. In terms of huge food stores like dog food, place them in metal trash cans since mice can’t climb through them.


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