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Is it worth buying at the current Tata Capital unlisted share price?

Your concerns about buying at the current Tata Capital unlisted share price ends here.  You may have doubts about buying an unlisted share but should not have any of it to buy a Tata Group share.  It is because NSE, the premium stock exchange in India, has a separate Nifty Tata Group Index that gave over 37% return in the last year.  It includes Tata Technologies, listed in November of the previous year, providing considerable returns to its unlisted share investors of over 140% on the listing day.  Also, with Tata Capital soon to join the Nifty Tata Group by coming out with an IPO, it is worth buying to give high returns. 

Continue reading this blog until the end to know more reasons why it is worth buying at the current Tata Capital share price to be an early bird buying the most trusted Tata Group’s flagship financial company to make windfall profits in the future. 

Why are Tata Capital’s unlisted shares in high demand among investors?

Since 1868, Tata Group has become the most prominent  Indian conglomerate in the past over 156 years. It is the most trusted among not only Indians but also in over 150 countries to buy its products and services. Its IT arm, TCS or Tata Consultancy Services,  has become the 2nd largest Indian company in market capitalization, operating in 46 countries.  Tata Capital, being the financial arm started in 2007 in Mumbai, has grown to have over 500 offices across India.  Millions of its customers rely on its many loan products at low interest and EMIs or equated monthly instalments to develop their business and personal lives. Hence, the total income, around 10,000 crores in 2022, almost doubled in 2024 to over 18,000 crores. Therefore, at the current Tata Capital, the unlisted share price is in high demand in the grey market, so it will soon be listed in the exchanges. 

Is it worth to buy at the current Tata Capital unlisted share price?

After the extraordinary performance of Tata Technologies listing in the stock exchanges at Rs. 1,200, which is at a premium of 140% to its issue price of Rs. 500, Tata Capital’s stock price also. From December 2003, after the stunning debut of Tata Technologies, Tata Capital’s stock price doubled from around Rs. 500 to over Rs. 1,000 and is still trading around the same rate.  With favourable market conditions or not after the elections, Tata Group, the most trusted shares in India, is to see a rapid rise with increasing borrowers, branches, revenue, IPO prospects, and others. 

The above facts will end your concerns about whether buying at the Tata Capital unlisted share price is worth every penny. Buying from the top broker is also safe, easy, quick, and transparent. Call the consultant of the renowned platform to know more about the Tata Capital share price rise and invest in one of the top unlisted shares to yield high returns. Stockify is your go-to platform for real-time stock data, expert analysis, and access to pre-IPO unlisted shares for smart investing. Buy unlisted shares at stokify.


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