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Life hacks that will not let you lose your keys.

If you are going outside, but your clothes do not have a single pocket, then I have a solution especially for you!
Take and place your keys as shown on the screen. The keys will not dangle and get in the way, and it will also be extremely difficult to lose them)

Yes, if you have a very large bunch of keys, then this method will not work.
Rinex key finder app THAT WON’T LET THE KEY DROKE.

Well, if you often forget where you put the keys, then the next two key chains will definitely come in handy!
The first key fob is synchronized with your smartphone, and with it, you can find not only the keys but also any other things to which you attach the key fob.

The second keychain is no worse than the first! It will also help you find your things, but you won’t need a smartphone anymore, you just need to clap your hands and it will start to squeak.

Rinex key finder app is a smart device. Keeps track of what it takes care of in seconds: be it a wallet or a pet. For the forgetful – a must-have.
Especially if the problem is remembering where they put the keys or the need to track the child from a distance. Below is how to choose the right GPS beacon, the principle of operation, and features of intelligent technology.

This is a small keychain with a metal or plastic case, into which a button-sized beacon is mounted. The appearance of the device depends on the imagination of the designer. More often on sale are round “droplets” with a small hole or cubes 2-7 cm thick – such as the GOGPS animal tracker). They have attached thanks to a hole, the diameter of which allows you to insert any chain. The miniature smart tracker can be hung on your bag, keyring, phone, or dog collar.

The Key Finder is powered by a miniature button cell battery. So tiny that it fits easily inside a smart keychain. If the phone is missing, but the key fob is nearby, you should press the button on the tracker itself. Then the phone will scream “break” even if it is in silent mode.

In the event that a thing from Rineh disappeared in a public place, you should use the “Last known location” function. Next, the program will show where the beacon was when it was last connected to the phone. Even if the thing was not immediately discovered, you should not despair.

If a person with the connected Rinex key finder app appears near someone else’s keychain, his phone will send information about the current location of the keychain to the “cloud”. Thus, the collective “memory” will help to find a thing of any size – be it a car or a bunch of keys.


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