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Wealth Management Insights: Exploring Orbis Financial Corporation Unlisted Shares

You have come to the right place to explore Orbis Financial Corporation’s unlisted shares to buy from a reputed online platform. Not all high-performing companies come out with IPOs or initial public offerings to raise funds from the public. There are other means of raising funds to expand the business to increase revenues and profits. And without going public, the promoters and shareholders of the unlisted company enjoy the profits. Also, the company’s valuation rises on the grey market to come out with an IPO to list in the exchanges. One is Orbis Financial Corporation’s unlisted share, which has increased revenues and profits. 

So, in this blog, let us discuss the wealth management insights of Orbis Financial Corporation Limited to explore its unlisted share rise in recent months and invest in it through top unlisted share brokers to reap huge profits. 

What is Orbis Financial Corporation Ltd’s unlisted share?

In 2009, OFCL or Orbis Financial Corporation Ltd started as a “custodian of securities” to expand its forward-looking services customised to the specific needs of investors in India and abroad. It has a broad clientele base ranging from HNI or high-net-worth individuals in India to domestic and foreign institutional investors. Also, Orbis have many big corporates, foreign portfolio investors, hedge funds, wealth managers, brokers, etc, to provide them with valuable wealth management insights to make wise investments to get high returns.  

Orbis is registered as a designated deposit participant with SEBI to service foreign portfolio investors. I am also a member of many exchanges like BSE, NSE, MCX, MSEI and others, apart from being a DP or depository participant of NSDL And CDSL. Also, it provides trustee services through Orbis Trustee Services Pvt Ltd, its subsidiary company registered with SEBI. It also does all the activities of a “Debenture Trustee” under SEBI’s regulation eight and provides trusteeship services like asset management, administration and others. 

In-depth exploration of Orbis Financial Corporation Ltd’s unlisted shares

For the past one and half decades, OFCL has provided all the above-mentioned financial services to a wide range of clients in India and other countries with a fully disclosed model up to the beneficiary level with zero conflict business. There are many services offered to the clients, including settlements, clearing, fund accounting, risk management, and others. Though it has not come out with an IPO, it has raised funds twice, of Rs. 102 and Rs. 111 crore, in recent years to expand its services and increase its profits. It is the reason that its net sales increased ten times from 15 to 154 crore rupees from 2019 to 2022. Also, during the same period, its income grew from 22 to 191 crore rupees and net profit from 7.2 to 47.8 crores. It is the reason that the Orbis unlisted share almost doubled from October 2023 to current February 2024 from 130 to 280 rupees. 

The above facts will provide all the wealth management insights of OFCL or Orbis Financial Company Limited to explore its unlisted share for its recent rapid rise to ride on the tide through a renowned online platform to reap huge profits.
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