How to make jetty punch from tropical smoothie

How to make jetty punch from tropical smoothie
How to make jetty punch from tropical smoothie

Tropical Smoothie Cafe’s Jetty Punch is a popular smoothie made with a blend of fruits and juices. While the exact recipe may be proprietary, you can make a similar version at home with common ingredients. Here’s a homemade Jetty Punch recipe inspired by Tropical Smoothie Cafe:


  • 1 cup of frozen strawberries
  • 12 cup of frozen pineapple chunks
  • 12 cup of frozen mango chunks
  • 12 cup of orange juice
  • 12 cup of cranberry juice
  • 14 cup of coconut milk or coconut cream (for creaminess)
  • 1-2 tablespoons of honey or sugar (adjust to taste)
  • Ice cubes (optional, for a thicker consistency)


  1. Gather Your Ingredients:
    • Make sure you have all the necessary ingredients on hand.
  2. Combine the Frozen Fruits:
    • In a blender, add the frozen strawberries, frozen pineapple chunks, and frozen mango chunks.
  3. Add the Fruit Juices:
    • Pour in the orange juice and cranberry juice.
  4. Include the Coconut Milk:
    • Add the coconut milk or coconut cream to the blender. This ingredient adds creaminess and a tropical flavor to the smoothie.
  5. Sweeten to Taste:
    • Add honey or sugar to sweeten the smoothie to your liking. Start with a tablespoon and add more if needed.
  6. Optional: Add Ice Cubes:
    • If you prefer a thicker consistency or want to make the smoothie colder, you can add a handful of ice cubes to the blender.
  7. Blend Until Smooth:
    • Blend all the ingredients until the mixture is smooth and well combined. If it’s too thick, you can add a bit more juice or coconut milk to reach your desired consistency.
  8. Taste and Adjust:
    • Taste the Jetty Punch and adjust the sweetness or thickness if necessary. You can add more honey, sugar, or juice as needed.
  9. Serve Cold:
    • Pour the Jetty Punch into glasses and serve it immediately while it’s cold.
  10. Garnish (Optional):
    • You can garnish your homemade Jetty Punch with a slice of orange, a pineapple wedge, or a cherry for a decorative touch.

Enjoy your homemade Jetty Punch inspired by Tropical Smoothie Cafe! It’s a refreshing and tropical-flavored smoothie that’s perfect for a hot day or as a delicious treat anytime.